Norwich Cathedral


In 2013, Norwich was one of five cathedrals chosen to be part of a grant-funded pilot project to develop modestly-priced interpretation resources which could serve as exemplars for churches and cathedrals with limited budgets. Norwich chose to have a mobile phone app with which visitors could explore the iconography and stories of the roof bosses of the nave, and the symbolism of the Christian Year. In order for visitors to be able to locate the boss in question and related ones, we devised an innovative combination of roof 'map' and a London Tube-style interface which provided access to images and explanatory text. For the Christian year, we designed a wheel which captured the different seasons a festivals, whilst also explaing the significance of different liturgical colours and symbols. This app complemented the existing on-site resource which explored the famous and evocative cloister roof bosses. 

In 2018 discussions began, which are ongoing, for further interpretation work in the Locutory (a relatively small space through which visitors pass to enter the nave) and the Dark Entry (the passageway into the cathedral which was formerly the monks' route for night-time services). We look forward to developing these ideas with Norwich as their thinking progresses and as funds permit.