Coventry Cathedral

2013 and 2018

In 2013, Coventry Cathedral was one of five cathedrals chosen to be part of a grant-funded pilot project to develop a range of modestly-priced interpretation resources. Coventry chose to have a mobile app created with trails around the three cathedrals which have occupied the historic hill top site. These include an Art and Architecture trail, unlocking Coventry's remarkable collection of 20th century art, the audio experience of the Kyrie as it would have sounded in the bombed cathedral in the fifteenth century, and interpreting the remains of the Benedictine cathedral priory founded by Earl Leofric and Godiva which was dismantled at the Reformation. Frequent updates of operating systems on both Android and Apple in the ensuing five years had resulted in this content no longer being supported, so in 2018 we updated it and transferred it a suite of stand-alone tablets which the cathedral can simply and cheaply maintain in-house. 

In 2018 Coventry won the bid to be City of Culture 2021, so the cathedral has awarded CSCC the tender to develop a complete Interpretation Strategy for them, drawing in new audiences and ensuring that the benefits and improved profile which the year will undoubtedly bring continue long-term and mark a new stage in the life of this remarkable building and community.