About the Centre

Why the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture?

Many people are fascinated by the rich cultural heritage to be discovered in art, literature, music and historic buildings. However the fact that so much of this heritage has been substantially shaped by Christian belief and practice can pose a major problem of access and understanding for those who lack familiarity with Christian concepts or biblical themes. Christianity and Culture (CSCC) was therefore founded in 1999 as a research centre focusing on this key cultural issue.

Research Council funded projects

The Centre team have both led and collaborated on large Arts and Humanities Research Council project with colleagues from York and other universities.

Research and resource creation

The Centre's initial aim was to undertake research and support teaching through books and international conferences and the provision of cultural tools to enable students to engage with literature, history, art, architecture and music significantly influenced by Christian thought and spirituality. The books and interactive digital resources created by Christianity and Culture are now used worldwide in universities and schools and by a general audience.

Research and 3D visualisation

CSCC undertakes large research projects and is recognised as a leading centre in the area of 3D digital visualisation which it employs as both as a research tool and in working with important historic churches to bring recent research to life through innovative interpretation schemes.

Research, heritage interpretation, and heritage consultancy

The Centre team have wide experience of using their research and techonological expertise to provide heritage consultancy for historic cathedrals, churches and other institutions and to design and deliver interpretation schemes.

Our activities:

  • Undertaking major research projects.
  • Working with heritage bodies, particularly historic churches and cathedrals to research and create innovative interpretation projects which engage a wide range of audiences.
  • Creation of research and teaching resources including books, digital resources and web-based material.
  • Coordinating an extensive network of leading scholars and teachers.
  • Organising international conferences and sponsoring sessions at major conferences in the UK and USA.

Further information is available about our staff members.