Worcester Cathedral final phase launch

A three-year project in partnership with Worcester Cathedral was completed in April, with the launch of the latest interactive touchscreen exploring the cathedral’s monastic past and current life. This will be supplemented in the summer by a new Monastic Worcester trail to be added to the free mobile app already developed by the research and technical team at Christianity and Culture.

The touchscreens are located in the Cathedral Crypt and on the main floor, and take visitors through various aspects of Worcester Cathedral's history including its Anglo-Saxon roots and World War One, with details of the cathedral’s saints, musical heritage, King John and Magna Carta connections along the way. The free app, downloadable in advance or at the cathedral, already offers visitors three trails to follow to explore the rich history and spiritual significance of Worcester Cathedral. The new trail will take visitors around the cloister, exploring the inheritance of the monastic tradition in the cathedral’s current life.