New AHRC project investigates role of pilgrimage past and present

Christianity and Culture has received AHRC funding to undertake an innovative, groundbreaking three-year research project that will analyse the role of pilgrimage in the past and its renewed popularity today.

The study will explore parallels with the decline and revival of interest in England’s cathedrals, asking why did pilgrimage matter in the past and why does it still matter today?

To help answer these questions it focuses on the rich histories and contemporary stories of four important English cathedrals: Canterbury, Durham, Westminster and York. A major outcome of the project will be a 3D visualisation of the pilgrimage experience at Canterbury Cathedral in the early-15th century, looking at several locations in the cathedral and exploring how they were used.

Alongside historical research into the experience of pilgrims in the past, the research team is also asking those visiting and managing cathedrals today to share their own experiences and views.